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"We chose ShootProof because of the detailed analytics, ease of use and extensive email automation- paired with a simplistic design from a client experience."

Change is not always easy. We had a lot of questions from the start and ShootProof's customer support team has been nothing short of outstanding. Our favorite features are the seamless ordering process for our clients, the ability for us to send gallery expiration emails and a great mobile viewing experience for our client galleries.

New features and integrations are constantly being added or changed.  We truly feel like our voices are being heard. ShootProof is an integral part of our workflow and we could not imaging running our business without it!

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What does ShootProof offer?


Photo galleries your
clients will love

You spend hours getting each photo just right for your clients, so we've spent hours creating online galleries for you to showcase those images at the click of a button. Our galleries allow you to easily upload photos and automatically create stunning white-labeled galleries in just a few minutes.


Take control of your
download permissions

You shouldn't have to create multiple galleries for each type of person viewing your photos. With ShootProof, you don't have to. We give you control of who can download images, how many they can download, and whether there is a cost associated, all in the same gallery.


Powerful photography
sales tools

Harness the power of our online galleries by taking full advantage of the print store capabilities. Set pricing, collect payments, and automatically fulfill orders from your favorite lab.


Streamline your workflows

We help you focus on what matters most by providing workflow tools that streamline your photography business. With contracts, invoices, contact management, and automatic sales emails all in one place, you can claim the hours back in your busy day!

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